What is the best time of day to come to the farm?
We will be open from 8am to 5pm…or until picked out for the day. The sugar content of berries is highest during the morning hours (and also easier on the pickers). So come early if possible. We are closed on Sundays. Open Monday thru Saturday, as long as fruit is available. Please check picking conditions (and fruit supply) on the website, or call before you come out.
How do I get to the Huebner Berry Patch?
Check out our Directions link. Do not trust your GPS or Internet Maps
What forms of payment do we accept?
We accept cash, checks (in county), credit and debit cards.
Are pets allowed in the orchard?
No, pets are not allowed in the orchard.
Do I need to bring a picking container?
No, we supply buckets lined with plastic bags. Our buckets are approx. 1 gallon in size and will hold 5 to 6 pounds of berries. We have smaller buckets for kids.
What do you recommend that I wear?
You should wear comfortable clothes, a cap or hat, and closed toe shoes. You might want to bring sunscreen and sunglasses.