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Fruit That We Grow

There are three different types of peaches….clingstone (CL), semi-freestone (SF) and freestone (FS). Clingstone – Peaches whose flesh cling to the pit …. early varieties that usually ripen in May. Semi-freestone peaches have flesh that will pull away from the pit with a little effort. Freestone peaches are peaches whose flesh easily separates from the pit.
Peach Varieties and Month of Ripening
Flavorich – (CL) dark red, firm and large size for early variety
Regal – (CL) large for a cling and very sweet
Gala – (SF) medium to med large, yellow flesh, firm and good taste
Harvestor – (FS) medium large, yellow fleshed and highly colored skin.
Majestic – (FS) very large, round, yellow fleshed and red skin
White Delight – (SF) medium size, firm, white flesh and very sweet.

Loring – (FS) large, round, firm, yellow fleshed, red blushed skin and sweet
Bounty – (FS) large to very large, round, yellow fleshed and good flavor
Redglobe –(FS) very large, round, red over golden skin, yellow flesh and excellent sweetness
We do have a few nectarines that ripen late June to early July.

Late May to late June
Methley –

small to medium in size, purple skin and juicy red flesh that is very flavorful and sweet
Morris – large plum with red to purple flesh and great taste
Ozark Premiere – very large plum with yellow flesh and reddish skin and very sweet.

Late May to Early July
We have four varieties of blackberries…one thorned (Kiowa) and three thornless (Ouachita, Natchez and Osage). The Kiowa produces the largest berry, and all 4 varieties have individual unique flavor and sweetness.

Other fruits
We have planted 4 different varieties of improved muscadine grapes that should be ready for picking the summer of 2020